Milwaukee Brewers defeat Chicago Cubs, 5-4

There's no telling how long the changes will last, but what is known is that this isn't Rickie Weeks' preference.

The Milwaukee Brewers second baseman has spent the vast majority of his major-league career as a leadoff hitter after being a middle-of-the-order guy through college and his minor-league years. But when the Brewers brought him up, they stuck him in the leadoff spot after a brief stint hitting all around the order.

It took Weeks some time to become accusto...

MILWAUKEE -- Forget the White Sox (and that shouldn't be hard to do this year).

For all the contrived hype Cubs and Sox honchos hope to breathe into this weekend's Environmental Disaster Cup crosstown series, the games Cubs fans should care most about are the ones that are slipping away at an alarming rate for the first time in years.

Whether they made the playoffs or not, the Cubs took care of business in the National League Central under manager Lou Piniella every ...

MILWAUKEE -- This was the first media question to Lou Piniella moments after the Cubs got the final out Wednesday night, at nearly the exact moment the Blackhawks scored their Stanley Cup-clinching goal:

''Is that an omen for the Cubs?''

Piniella frowned. ''The what?''

''The Cubs winning the World Series? An omen?''

The thick-bearded frown deepened, along with a silent stare.

You want omens? Take a look at the sponsor of the Cubs-Sox mess that oozes into Wri...