Cleveland Cavaliers defeat Boston Celtics, 124-95

The Celtics knew LeBron James was coming.

If there was a warning sign, it came after Boston’s Game 2 win in Cleveland. Cavaliers coach Mike Brown could barely hold the smoke from escaping his ears he was fuming so badly. James couldn’t have been calmer.

“I knew how important the next game was,’’ he said. “I know how important the whole series is.’’

The Celtics tried to brace themselves in the three off days.

Coach Doc Rivers said, “We told our guys, ‘You know h...

What a pathetic way to lose home-court advantage. The Celtics were slapped back into reality last night by the suddenly efficient and extremely motivated Cleveland Cavaliers, who displayed why they were so heavily favored to win this series.

The Cavaliers snatched back the momentum of the series — and their aura — with a brilliant performance in the 124-95 win. Donned in their wine-colored throwbacks, the Cavaliers used 21 first-quarter points from LeBron James while hi...