Sarah Palin Attributes Gulf Oil Spill to Foreignness of British Petroleum

Sarah Palin is fired up about the Gulf Coast oil spill, and she's taking away a powerful lesson: Don't trust foreigners, like those tea-sippers over at British Petroleum.

“Gulf: Learn from Alaska's lesson w/foreign oil co's: don't naively trust—VERIFY,” she wrote on Twitter.

Of course, while it's based in Britain, BP is a massive, publicly-traded, multinational energy conglomerate, commonly referred to as a "supermajor". It's just one of three companies that are heavily involved with the Deepwater Horizon facility. The other two are Halliburton, an American company, and TransOcean. Spawned from a U.S. company called Sonat, TransOcean became what it is today after mergers with and acquisitions of various foreign entities. It's now headquartered in Switzerland.