Boston Red Sox defeat Los Angeles Angels, 5-1

Volume X, Chapter 27: Is David Ortiz done?

Sorry for the repetition. You’ve read this story before. The manager is tired of the questions. The players really don’t want to hear it and are making fun of poll questions on websites. We all know Ortiz is struggling. Maybe it’s beyond that now. Hard to describe what it is, but one word is painful. Another is sad.

Last night he struck out twice and hit into two double plays. Jeremy Hermida got him off the hook after Ortiz ...

The bases were loaded for the Angels’ Bobby Abreu, with one out in the eighth inning of a taut 1-1 game at Fenway Park last night. And even though Jon Lester had thrown 118 pitches for the Red Sox, and even though Abreu had a .308 career average against him, the lefthander stood in.

Abreu swung and connected on Lester’s pitch, the ball bouncing toward second base.

Dustin Pedroia grabbed it, slapped a tag on Erick Aybar, the runner on first, then flipped to Kevin Youk...