Boston Red Sox defeat Tampa Bay Rays, 11-3

ST. PETERSBURG, Fla. — As he walked into the clubhouse after last night’s game, the first thing Red Sox manager Terry Francona said to director of baseball operations Brian O’Halloran was, “We leave here a lot of times not feeling too good about ourselves.’’ That wasn’t last night.

Tropicana Field, Boston’s final stop on a tough road trip, was that house of horrors Francona was referring to. But after a three-game sweep of the Rays was capped by last night’s 11-3 blowou...

ST. PETERSBURG, Fla. — Several Red Sox got into a discussion yesterday about which player had the most power. The consensus settled on Adrian Beltre.

According to Bill Hall, all were surprised Beltre had only three home runs given his strength.

“You watch guys taking batting practice and he definitely has the most power on the team,’’ Hall said. “There are a couple of guys who are a close second.’’

A few hours later, Beltre demonstrated that ability by driving in ...