Crystal Bowersox Performs 'Black Velvet' on 'American Idol' Season Nine

Simon Fuller picks Alannah Myles' hit Black Velvet for Crystal Bowersox.

It's a smoky, bluesy number -- a pop song, for sure, but with allusions to folk and blues -- and if Crystal's going to be an American Idol, she needs to be able to do the pop thing, at least occasionally. She has about the same amount of trouble with her notes that Lee did, but she's doing more vocally with the song. She's going for the big notes full-tilt. If this show still comes down to the glory notes -- which I'm not completely convinced it does -- this round goes to Crystal.

Fuller went with Alannah Myles' "Black Velvet" for Bowersox, a song that has a long "Idol" history and seemed custom-made for Crystal's gutbucket growl. She seemed a bit uncomfortable walking down the steps in her, yes, black-velvet dress and heels, but Crystal matched the squealing guitar licks with throaty growls and a loud, cat-scratch note at the end.

DioGuardi said Bowersox proved she wanted it and really gave it her all, while Cowell groused about how sick he is of hearing the tune in countless horrible auditions. "But I've got to tell you, you took that song and you absolutely nailed it," he enthused. "MamaSox is in it to win it!" Randy yelled, while DeGeneres simply gave her a standing ovation.