Cleveland Indians defeat Chicago White Sox, 7-3

CLEVELAND -- There was no talk of mechanics gone wrong or video polluting his mind.

Jake Peavy wasn't looking for excuses after the White Sox' 7-3 loss Tuesday to the Cleveland Indians. As a matter of fact, the only finger he pointed was at himself.

''I think that's as frustrating as anything,'' Peavy said. ''We know we've got to come in here and take care of business; I told [the media] that the other day. Not being able to do that for the team, that's what gets to ...

CLEVELAND -- The less fans know about White Sox hitting coach Greg Walker, the better.

The better they'll sound around their friends when they're playing host of a sports-talk show and listing all the reasons why Walker needs to go.

The better they'll sleep at night, falsely thinking his departure would be the cure to everything that ails the Sox' slumping lineup.

The last thing fans need to hear right now is what life was like before Walker came on board.

It w...