Milwaukee Brewers defeat Minnesota Twins, 4-3

Minneapolis — It's an old question, certainly not worth beating over the head with a Louisville Slugger on what was Joe Mauer bat day at Target Field, especially when Minnesota's $184 million man got the bulk of Sunday off.

But it nags at you every time one team or the other crosses the border for one of these interleague affairs:

Why can't the Milwaukee Brewers be something vaguely resembling the Twins?

It's true, the Minnesotans got a 10-year head start on the B...

Minneapolis — Athletes and their fans are always reminded that the business of professional sports is just that - a business, first and foremost.

Everyone wants to win, but not at the cost of losing dollars.

And if an investment is not bringing the expected return based on cost, then moves will be made, deals will be done.

J.J. Hardy realizes that now.

"I realized how much of a business this game actually is," Hardy said about his off-season trade as he sat in ...

Minneapolis — Emergency plans sometimes work out better than the originals.

After scrambling to find pitching in Saturday's extra-inning loss and using Sunday's scheduled starter, Manny Parra, in the process, the Milwaukee Brewers found themselves with a patchwork of arms as they tried to avoid a sweep at the hands of the Minnesota Twins.

Manager Ken Macha and pitching coach Rick Peterson had to stitch together some kind of plan to give them a chance, and they came u...