Los Angeles Angels defeat St. Louis Cardinals, 10-7

Late on the afternoon of May 2, the Cardinals were 17-8 and led the NL Central by 4.5 games.

I wrote that they had the look of a runaway winner in the division. I didn't see a rival capable of chasing the Cardinals down.

Well, now. It seems that Secretariat has thrown a shoe.

The Cardinals are giving the Cincinnati Reds hope that there may be a race after all.

It's been a strange few weeks.

Due to the balky offense, new batting coach Mark McGwire has been targe...

The Cardinals entered dangerous waters Saturday. Their season's compass has lost its bearing.

Hours after the club officially placed Brad Penny on the disabled list, the Los Angeles Angels spent almost four innings putting Kyle Lohse into a six-run headlock. On an afternoon when the Cardinals required an extended start, they instead got only a 10-out appearance from a pitcher who has failed to average five innings in his past four starts.

Then Lohse admitted after th...