Philadelphia Phillies defeat Boston Red Sox, 5-1

The smile is largely gone these days, the locker now a refuge instead of a stage.

It used to be a beacon, drawing in teammates and media to a back corner of the Red Sox clubhouse filled with the bulk of David Ortiz, filled with music, filled with the sunshine that committed a Nation to him.

That is no longer the case. As Ortiz has started slowly the past two seasons, his joy has subsided. Where he used to entertain for an hour at his locker before road games, he rarely ...

PHILADELPHIA — As he got through start after start in spring training with walks few and far between, John Lackey kept saying he wanted to give up some runs, perhaps walk a few batters, to get it out of his system before he headed north.

Those fears proved to have a foundation, as the starter known for his control and ability to pitch well in big spots hasn’t done either particularly well.

Last night, a walk to Ryan Howard, one of five in Lackey’s five innings, prove...