US EPA Orders BP to Use Less Toxic Chemical in Oil Spill Cleanup

In a move that suggests the dispersants being dumped on the Gulf oil spill may not be so Earth-friendly, the EPA last night gave BP 24 hours to select a less toxic chemical and 72 hours to make the switch.

The company, which has used 600,000 gallons on the surface and 55,000 underwater, is currently using two types of Corexit; Britain banned some of that dispersant's forms more than a decade ago, notes the Washington Post.

The Environmental Protection Agency told oil giant BP on Wednesday night that it has 24 hours to choose less toxic dispersants to apply to the Gulf oil spill, according to The Washington Post. The EPA’s decision, expected to be announced later today, is a change of course for the agency, which had previously placed BP’s dispersant on its approved list, and had also approved BP’s underwater application of the dispersant as recently as last week.