BP Admits 5,000-Barrel Per Day Spillage Estimate Too Small

The amount of oil being captured is only a portion of the total because the company is catching oil from only one of two leaks.

BP has also released a video that shows additional unquantified amounts of oil continuing to spurt out of the damaged pipe where the company is capturing oil through a new tube insertion. The smaller of the two leaks continues to spill unobstructed and accounts for 15 percent of the total flow, BP officials reiterated Thursday.

BP says it's now scooping up 5,000 barrels a day of gushing oil, so we must be in the clear right? After all, that's been the company's daily estimate all along. Alas, "it was always made clear that this was a ballpark estimate," said a BP official. And to exactly nobody's surprise, a lot more oil is still spewing on the ocean floor, reports the Washington Post. A House panel released a live video feed of the spill here, though it's been spotty.