Philadelphia Phillies defeat New York Mets, 11-5

PHILADELPHIA - When ageless pitcher Jamie Moyer went to the plate with the bases loaded and the Phillies trailing by two in the fourth inning Sunday night, Shane Victorino stood in the on-deck circle and had one wish for his 47-year-old teammate.

"I was just hoping he got a walk," Victorino said.

The calendar said early May, but the boisterous sellout crowd brought Victorino back to October and a playoff atmosphere with each ball thrown out of the strike zone by Mets...

PHILADELPHIA - It's hard to imagine a loss that could do more damage to a team's psyche.

Watching the Mets stand around, their heads hanging in disbelief as Johan Santana was pulled after an unfathomable meltdown, the thought that came to mind was Rex Ryan's line about how when you hit the quarterback, the whole team feels it.

Likewise, you pummel the ace and, in this case especially, the Mets had to feel it to the bone.

There they were, beating up on old man Jami...