Laura Ling Discusses Capture by North Korea on "Larry King Live"

One of two American journalists freed last year from a North Korean prison said Wednesday that their release was thanks to an expression of condolences made by former President Bill Clinton, to North Korea's reclusive leader Kim Jong Il.

"I tried to maintain hope as much as I could," journalist Laura Ling told CNN's "Larry King Live" of being sentenced to 12 years' hard labor along with fellow captive Euna Lee.

We were the first Americans tried in North Korea's highest court. Our sentence, two years for trespassing and 10 for "hostile" acts, shows where the North Korean government's real concerns lie. Leery about a negative portrayal of its regime, the North Korean authorities decided the documentary we were making would threaten their government. It was seen as a hostile act meant to weaken or bring down the country.