St. Louis Cardinals defeat Washington Nationals, 6-2

Greetings… Reading Time, 5 Minutes: After Monday’s 6-2 win over Washington, Cardinals manager Tony La Russa said he doesn’t think lineups make much of a difference.

“The lineup has nothing to do with it,” TLR said after the game. “Fans have a good time with it, but it’s who plays, not really where they hit. There’s a little edge you can pick up here and there, but in the end it’s who plays…it’s who plays and how they executed,” … naturally,  TLR wanted to downplay hi...

Once again, Cardinals starting pitcher Kyle Lohse faced a breaking point midway through a game.

Once again, an inning began unraveling quickly on him -– due, in part, to an untimely fielding mishap.

The beleaguered Lohse lost his previous two starts under similar circumstances. But this time he fought through the adversity, worked out of the jam and ACTUALLY WON A GAME!

The Cards defeated the Nationals 6-2 Monday night. In his eighth start of the season, Lohse fin...