Philadelphia Phillies defeat Milwaukee Brewers, 10-6

Last Tuesday, Cincinnati's Johnny Cueto threw a complete-game shutout against the Pittsburgh Pirates.

The next day, teammate Homer Bailey did likewise.

What do these pitchers have that the Milwaukee Brewers' starters don't have?

For beginners, Cueto and Bailey have above-average fastballs and in those starts, good command of them. Neither pitcher issued a walk. Cueto, who allowed just one hit, covered nine innings in 103 pitches. Bailey, who tossed a four-hitter, nee...

Not long after Lambeau Field was renovated to the point that it became Bayshore Mall with a 100-yard patch of grass in the middle, the Green Bay Packers suddenly began to lose at home.

They lost the 2003 rededication game to Minnesota. They lost in the 2004 playoffs to the Vikings. They lost, 26-0, to the Bears in Mike McCarthy's 2006 debut. They lost to the Browns and some other silly teams. They lost six of 10 combined in '05 and '06.

Amidst the panic and consterna...

Desperate times call for desperate measures.

And, make no mistake about it, these are desperate times at home for the Milwaukee Brewers.

Manager Ken Macha loosened the pitch-count leash on his starting pitcher Saturday merely to get him into the sixth inning and lessen the burden on an overtaxed, underperforming bullpen.

It didn't work, with either starter or relief corps, which is how things are going for the Brewers at Miller Park this season.

Letting yet ano...

You know your bullpen is in trouble when you have to summon an extra reliever only six weeks into the season.

That's what the Brewers did Saturday when they called up right-hander John Axford from Class AAA Nashville and returned outfielder Adam Stern to that club.

With the relief corps weary from covering so many innings, the need for a 13th pitcher was deemed greater than having five players on the bench.

Manager Ken Macha said he envisioned keeping 13 pitchers ...