Kansas City Royals defeat Chicago White Sox, 6-1

KANSAS CITY, Mo. -- Ken Williams insisted early last week that he was ''relegated to sitting back,'' willing to give the product on the field ''another month.''

Memo to White Sox general manager: The S.S. South Sider is taking on water fast, and at this rate she won't see June.

In what was deemed as important a May road trip as a May road trip possibly could be, the Sox continued to die a slow death offensively, this time shut down by the Kansas City Royals in the 6-...

KANSAS CITY, Mo. -- Jake Peavy isn't about to start playing the blame game.

Actually, the White Sox pitcher said Friday that his mechanics getting out of whack were more bad luck than the fault of anyone within the organization.

All that Peavy cared about now was that in his mind they were fixed.

''I'm just going, 'Man, am I 28 [years old] and losing it already?'' Peavy said. ''That doubt was there to a certain extent.''

And now?

Since the first inning in hi...