Boston Celtics defeat Cleveland Cavaliers, 94-85

A year ago, Kevin Garnett was watching the Celtics falter against the Orlando Magic in second round of the playoffs.

It has taken nearly a year for Garnett to fully recover from the knee problems that kept him out late last season and into the playoffs, but he is back to normal.

The best evidence was not shown by numbers — though Garnett had 22 points and 12 rebounds in the clinching 94-85 victory over Cleveland last night — but because Garnett was jumping and producing...

Paul Pierce took his spot at the podium after the Celtics’ 94-85 victory last night and let out a sigh. This one is over, but the series didn’t have the same grueling effect on Pierce as it did two years ago.

In 2008 Pierce and LeBron James engaged in a back-and-forth battle that stole the show when the Celtics and Cavaliers met in the Eastern Conference semifinals. It took seven games before the Celtics secured the series en route to an NBA championship.

This time a...

Hey, America. Remember the Boston Celtics?

17 titles. The Leprechaun. Red Auerbach and his cigar. The parquet. The banners. Russ? Cooz? Hondo? Larry? A couple of Big Threes?


Anyway, while all you out there in the Great Beyond tuned in last night to see what fate had in store for LeBron James, the Cavaliers, the city of Cleveland, the state of Ohio, and perhaps even how the balance of power for the next 10 years in the NBA might be affected, for those wh...

He sounded increasingly crazy every time he said it.

When the Celtics killed the momentum of a huge win with staggeringly confusing loss, coach Doc Rivers said, “I like this team.’’

When injuries derailed a 23-5 start and forced him to patch together lineups night to night, Rivers said, “We like who we are.’’

When the window on an era seemed to be shutting and when the Celtics looked like they couldn’t be further from a championship, sliding down to the fourth see...