Minnesota Twins defeat Chicago White Sox, 3-2

MINNEAPOLIS -- The White Sox were designed to play small ball, pitch their butts off and play defense.

That was the plan, at least on paper.

''Break your hearts'' was never mentioned in the description.

''It's just kind of confusing,'' manager Ozzie Guillen said after the 3-2 loss Wednesday against the Minnesota Twins at Target Field. ''I thought we had something going on [after Tuesday's rousing victory]. ... I was excited the first inning [Wednesday]. I said, 'O...

MINNEAPOLIS -- Baby steps.

That's where the White Sox are now.

Can they play with the first-place Minnesota Twins? Absolutely. They showed that over a 20-hour period to start this seven-game odyssey through the division.

But thanks to their sleepwalking in April, playing with the Twins over a two-game series is no longer good enough. This is about wins and losses, not moral victories and splits.

One big question remains: If the Sox turn this around, is their be...