Atlanta Braves defeat Milwaukee Brewers, 8-2

The Milwaukee Brewers began this season with a 5-3 loss to the visiting Colorado Rockies, a game in which hard-throwing right-hander Ubaldo Jimenez was impressive.

They ended that opening month with their fourth consecutive loss, a shutout at the hands of the Padres in San Diego that left the Crew doubting its offense in addition to its underachieving pitching and sporting an unsightly 9-14 record.

What's that saying, "April showers bring May flowers?"

Yovani Gall...

Thoughts of a no-no bounded about Miller Park for the better part of five innings.

But by the middle of the sixth, some people rooting for the Milwaukee Brewers had already started for the exits.

Left-hander Doug Davis, one of the weak links in the rotation for most of this season, found a small window of success against a weakened Atlanta Braves offense but the opening started to close in the fifth inning and was slammed shut in the next frame thanks to a grand slam...