Chicago Cubs defeat Arizona Diamondbacks, 7-5

Their salaries have made them a focus of the Cubs any time they have struggled.

But what is the price tag for good health and confidence? Alfonso Soriano and Kosuke Fukudome might be finding the answer.

The outfield duo known as much for what they are paid -- Soriano at more than $18 million yearly in a deal lasting through 2015 and Fukudome at $13 million in the third year of a four-year pact -- are giving the team its money's worth. Soriano's two-run home run in th...

Throwing 35 pitches in one inning is not ideal for any pitcher, let alone a closer.

But despite two walks, a hit and stepping in an odd hole on the mound, Cubs closer Carlos Marmol got his fourth save in the 7-5 victory Saturday against the Diamondbacks.

''I don't know how it got there,'' Marmol said of the hole he stepped in after throwing his first pitch, which prompted a visit from assistant trainer Ed Halbur and some momentary worries.

It was a small misstep o...