Orlando Magic defeat New York Knicks, 118-103

ORLANDO - Tracy McGrady has a few ground rules for whatever teams are interested in his services for next season.

He has to start, he's not going to audition and he's looking to play only for a title contender.

Going by that list, there's no doubt that McGrady's days with the Knicks are definitely coming to an end.

"Sixth man? I don't see myself being a sixth man," McGrady said when someone broached that role before the Knicks were hammered, 118-103, by his former te...

ORLANDO - It was the summer of 2000 and the Orlando Magic was quickly turning the NBA landscape upside down. The Magic received a verbal commitment from the top free-agent available, Tim Duncan, while also landing two other prominent free agents, perennial All-Star Grant Hill and a young, rising star in Tracy McGrady, via sign-and-trade agreements.

Everything was set up for the start of a dynasty, or at least the Eastern Conference's answer to Shaquille O'Neal and Kobe ...