Boston Celtics defeat Toronto Raptors, 115-104

TORONTO — Something as routine as picking up luggage can be hazardous to aging veterans such as Michael Finley.

He experienced a sharp pain in his back early yesterday afternoon while gathering his belongings for the team bus, discomfort so severe he was convinced he would be unavailable for last night’s game against the Toronto Raptors.

A prolonged massage session with trainer Ed Lacerte alleviated the pain, and perhaps Lacerte even turned Finley’s mental clock back a ...

TORONTO — Four games over seven days remain in the regular season for the Celtics to shore up their weaknesses and mental lapses, and center Kendrick Perkins said there is one certain way to determine whether they are going to be factors in the postseason.

“You can tell by the start of the first quarter,’’ he said. “However we come out in the first quarter, that’s how the game is going to be.

“If you get a lot of defense, a lot of energy going from the older guys mor...