Atlanta Braves defeat Chicago Cubs, 3-2

A Cubs bullpen that entered the season under the microscope already has advanced to jeopardy mode.

No, not like that. Come on, it's only been two games.

''Jeopardy!'' As in, every answer with this group comes in the form of a question.

As in, who goes out when Ted Lilly comes back in less than two weeks? Or when will Jeff Gray be ready, and how much can he do?

And more immediately: How many saves will the Cubs blow before Carlos Marmol throws a pitch this seaso...

It's as big as beating the White Sox on the South Side.

That's one of the ways second-year Cubs starter Randy Wells is looking at tonight's season debut in Atlanta against the Braves.

''It's a big one. It's up there,'' said Wells, who was coming off his first career win when he made that start at U.S. Cellular Field -- giving him five days to shake all that awestruck, am-I-good-enough, rookie mind-set.

''After I got that first one out of the way I finally realized...