Minnesota Twins defeat Los Angeles Angels, 5-3

ANAHEIM, CALIF. - Since stepping into his new role as Twins closer, Jon Rauch has gone back to the routine he established when he was Washington's closer in 2008.

He spends the first part of the game in the dugout, rooting on his teammates, before eventually joining the other relievers in the bullpen. He said his closing experience helps, "but it was also not on a team that's expected to win the division and go to the postseason. So it's apples to oranges."

Rauch fel...

ANAHEIM, CALIF. - Joe Mauer choked up on his bat, ever so slightly, and unleashed his silky smooth swing for a home run.

Justin Morneau puffed his cheeks as he swung, in his trademark style, and launched a towering drive over the right-field wall.

J.J. Hardy made contact, and the sound echoed through Angel Stadium, as another homer sailed beyond the outfield wall.

The Twins held an early-inning slugfest against Angels lefthander Joe Saunders on Tuesday night, then...

ANAHEIM, CALIF. - The Angels set a Guinness Book of World Records mark on Tuesday for most people wearing a fleece.

Justin Morneau already has a Snuggie-like blanket -- and his name is Jim Thome.

John Wooden once said that it's what you learn after you know it all that counts. Morneau figures it's what you do after you've done it all that matters.

So even though he has earned stardom and won an MVP Award, Morneau continues to seek baseball truths and tips from Tho...