2010 Tennessee Floods

President Barack Obama has granted Governor Bredesen’s request for Federal Emergency Assistance for Tennessee.

Cheatham, Davidson, Hickman and Williamson counties are included in the declaration.

The declaration of aid for the four counties does not mean that other areas won't ultimately receive assistance as well. Tennessee's Congressional delegation asked Gov. Phil Bredesen to ask Obama to expedite the process, and the Federal Emergency Management Agency has not been able to assess the entire state's needs yet.

Some of the worst flooding the mid-South has seen in decades is thought to be responsible for at least 11 deaths in Tennessee, the Nashville and state emergency management offices said Sunday.

Five of the deaths were in Davidson County, which encompasses Nashville, according to the Nashville mayor's Office of Emergency Management.

The rains have closed interstate highways, displaced thousands from their homes, prompted evacuations of hotels and nursing homes and turned city streets and parking lots into raging rivers.