Chicago White Sox defeat Texas Rangers, 7-5

ARLINGTON, Texas -- There is light at the end of the tunnel.

Greg Walker sees it, and now he only hopes his struggling hitters can see it.

''I'm starting to see some guys turn this around,'' the hitting coach said Thursday. ''You see it coming. They finally got to the stage where they just found the right mind-set to play this game in Chicago. I really believe that the biggest thing we fight in Chicago -- and it's in a lot of cities, it's big-league baseball -- is pl...

ARLINGTON, Texas -- Ozzie Guillen isn't looking for pretty right now.

So what if his offense was 1-for-8 with runners in scoring position? Who cares that Bobby Jenks allowed two runs on three hits in the ninth inning of a 7-5 victory?

It's all about getting the ''W'' at this point, no matter what they look like.

Thanks to two home runs from Paul Konerko and seven solid innings from Gavin Floyd, Guillen and the Sox could throw their bags into the truck and head to ...

ARLINGTON, Texas -- Two weeks. That's all Jermaine Dye guesses he'll need to be ready to face major-league pitching.

A lot could happen to the White Sox in those two weeks.

They could continue their downward spiral, falling even further behind the Minnesota Twins, or they could start playing up to their potential.

With so much at stake this season -- a season already slipping away -- why not chance it?

The Sox know Dye's phone number. Why not reach out to him a...