Washington Nationals defeat Chicago Cubs, 3-2

Hey, where did the Brewers go?

Cubs hitters look lost without them. Without Doug Davis and Dave Bush in the house, the Cubs barely can hit, rarely score and can't beat anybody in a series.

None have faced.

Note: Kennedy is making his fourth start this season for the Diamondbacks. In 2009, he appeared in one game for the Yankees. He missed most of the season with an aneurysm in his right shoulder.

Don't think so? Then you weren't watching this week when the team...

It's only a matter of time before some zany radio talk-show host changes the words of ''I'm a Believer'' to ''I'm a Reliever'' in honor of Carlos Zambrano.

And then I saw Lou's face;

Now I'm a reliever. ...

I'd get to that parody song right away if I were a radio guy because it won't be long before ''T.N.T.'' by AC/DC becomes more appropriate. It's impossible to look at this situation without seeing a Zambrano mushroom cloud on the horizon.

The best-case scenar...