Boston Celtics defeat Miami Heat, 96-86

There may be no more opportune time for the Celtics to face the Cavaliers than right now.

We wouldn’t have said that a month ago. At that time, the Celtics would have re-signed Stephon Marbury post-YouTube disaster to earn a high seed.

The Celtics wanted the third seed. They wanted to delay the possibility of playing Cleveland for as long as possible, even if it meant facing Dwight Howard and the Magic. Since then, the Celtics have been injected with a surge of confiden...

It seemed as if there was a different face each game of the Celtics-Heat series.

In Game 1 it was Tony Allen, who had been cast to the outskirts of the Celtics rotation during the season pondering how he had gotten there and if he’d be able to work his way back with the team adding so many new players. He was the one that embraced the role of star stopper, fanning Dwyane Wade’s flames while also scoring 14 points off the bench.

For Game 2 it was Glen Davis, eager to ...