New York Mets defeat Atlanta Braves, 5-2

So the manager's long-awaited lineup change paid immediate dividends, as the new Murderers' Row of Jose Reyes, Jason Bay and David Wright teamed up for a winning rally.

Now for Jerry Manuel's next trick, he'll pull a No. 5 starter out of a hat.

Seriously, what do the Mets do with John Maine?

He hasn't been able to find his old fastball, apparently because of his shoulder problems of recent years, and then Friday night he came out in the fourth inning of the 5-2 victo...

Say this for Jerry Manuel: He has high hopes for the new lineup he unveiled Friday night. In finally moving Jose Reyes to the No. 3 spot, something he has wanted to do for two seasons, Manuel referenced the 1999 Cleveland Indians, a team he managed against with the White Sox.

All that team did was score 1,009 runs, 58 short of the 1931 Yankees' all-time record (post-1900) of 1,067, with a wrecking-ball offense that was mostly responsible for the Indians winning 97 games...