Buffalo Sabres defeat Boston Bruins, 4-1

BUFFALO — After requiring protection for his broken nose for the last six games, Zdeno Chara’s beak was deemed healed enough last night for the captain to go cage-free.

Without the bars impeding his sightlines, Chara spotted an ugly sight — a team that didn’t show up when it could have sent the Sabres scurrying for tee times.

“We came out flat,’’ said Chara, tossed at the end of the game for his role in a melee that prompted Buffalo’s Ryan Miller to leave the crease. “T...

BUFFALO — The sacrifice Mike Grier made to help the Sabres stave off elimination in Game 5 last night against the Bruins was evident in the form of a five-stitch cut behind his left ear. It was a reminder of the courageous block — one of three he made in the 4-1 victory — when he laid out to stop Dennis Wideman’s slap shot from reaching goaltender Ryan Miller.

The injury was loosely stitched, but blood continued to ooze from it.

But as far as Grier was concerned, it ...