Tampa Bay Rays defeat Chicago White Sox, 10-2

Obituaries are supposed to be saved for the dead.In this case, call it working ahead.

On the South Side, you can start picking out the coffin, the plot and the pallbearers.

Yes, the White Sox are far from flat-lined. Writing off a team three weeks into the regular season is a moronic practice, especially when said team is also the one you boldly predicted would win the Central Division just a month ago.

But this is not about what the Sox still can become this seas...

After another one-sided beating Thursday night, it would be nice if the White Sox could step away from the situation and take a deep breath.

The problem is their poor play already has sucked most of the life out of the South Side.

The offense remained stagnant in a 10-2 loss to the Tampa Bay Rays. To make matters worse, the Sox had another bomb of a performance from a starting pitcher -- the supposed strength of the team -- with Jake Peavy struggling to get going.


A perfect, gift-wrapped double-play ball.

Or so it should have been.

Peavy's throw to catcher A.J. Pierzynski was low and didn't allow him to make a throw to first base after getting the force out at home plate.

A visibly upset Peavy was unable to keep the lid on the inning after that, as it spiraled into a nightmarish 42-pitch marathon that ended up featuring four walks and four Rays runs. His anger was not at Pierzynski, who did not have a good angle to throw to...