Chicago White Sox defeat Tampa Bay Rays, 4-1

The villagers are growing restless with ''Ozzie Ball.'' Manager Ozzie Guillen is growing restless with the critics.

Nasty e-mails are being directed at the White Sox skipper daily, fans are calling for the job of hitting coach Greg Walker -- again -- and there have been breakdowns in the starting rotation with Freddy Garcia, Gavin Floyd and Jake Peavy having Jekyll and Hyde moments.

The Sox return to the South Side 4-9, a perfect mess of a storm.

Leave it to th...

Ken Williams is watching.

The general manager's cell phone is close by, and his secret ''big board'' of available players is hanging on a wall in some hidden room at The Cell.

But all is quiet for the White Sox and Williams -- for now.

''I haven't explored anything, simply because most clubs think I'm nuts when I start calling in May,'' Williams said Tuesday, when asked about the possibility of trade talks starting up. ''If I start calling in April, it's, 'Really?...