Cleveland Indians defeat Chicago White Sox, 6-2

CLEVELAND -- Time is a luxury the White Sox cannot afford to waste this season.

Not when the Minnesota Twins look like a well-oiled machine on offense, apparently have solved their so-called ''closer problem'' and suddenly have American League East-level money to spend.

This isn't 2009, when it was evident from the start that it would be a scrum in the AL Central by September. The Twins (8-3) are a year older, a year wiser and poised to tap out the rest of the division ...

CLEVELAND -- With his offense completely handcuffed by another unknown pitcher -- this time rookie Mitch Talbot -- White Sox manager Ozzie Guillen was left searching for the right lineup as the Sox lost 6-2 to the Indians on Friday night.

By the time he asked himself how that happened, Guillen was already wondering: What next?

''Right now, I just tried to make the lineup [for today] a couple of seconds ago, and I was scratching my head a little bit,'' Guillen said af...