Toronto Blue Jays defeat Chicago White Sox, 4-2

TORONTO -- If Alex Rios was hoping to work his way back into the hearts of Toronto Blue Jays fans in this four-game series, that idea went out the window about the time his eighth-inning home run went over the left-field wall.

Rios prevented a bit of history in the White Sox' 4-2 loss by ending Blue Jays lefty Ricky Romero's bid for a no-hitter six outs shy of the achievement.

''Oh, man, now it's going to be crazy,'' Rios said when he was asked how Blue Jays fans wil...

TORONTO -- Manager Ozzie Guillen is glad he's not Alex Rios.

If he were, Guillen said Tuesday, he probably would be serving some jail time right now.

Before the second game of the series against the Toronto Blue Jays, Guillen watched the YouTube video of Rios getting into it with a few Blue Jays fans last June. In the video, a kid is trying to get an autograph from Rios, who gets an earful from an adult after apparently refusing the request.

''That kid is lucky it...