Crystal Bowersox Performs 'Saved' on 'American Idol'

The best performance of the week on 'American idol' came, not surprisingly, from Crystal Bowersox, who Randy Jackson hailed as "the second coming of Bonnie Raitt."

Bowersox traded in her customary acoustic for an electric guitar, and delivered a raucous, up-tempo performance of Presley's 'Saved' that the judges loved.

Jackson gave Bowersox the best compliment of the night by comparing her to singer-songwriter Raitt. "Every week, I know I say this like a broken record ... but, dude, that's the way to come out and give it up," Jackson said. "You had energy. It was dope. You've got this whole blues, cool vibe going on. I thought I was listening to somebody's record. It could have been the second coming of, like, Bonnie Raitt or something. I loved it."