Chicago White Sox defeat Toronto Blue Jays, 8-7

TORONTO -- Not even White Sox chief marketing officer Brooks Boyer could embrace the slogan Ozzie Guillen was pitching late in spring training.

And that says a lot, considering Boyer would try forcing a PlayStation 3 on an Amish family if it meant ticket sales.

''Don't hate Ozzie Guillen, hate the White Sox,'' Guillen insisted on several occasions.

Well, it became obvious Monday that it's catching on.

Forget the usual ugly-American stuff. How about the ugly Sou...

TORONTO -- There were no blowup dolls or chickens to sacrifice. Then again, Andruw Jones isn't much into superstition.

Told on Sunday night that the White Sox had lost 10 in a row at the Rogers Centre going back to 2007, Jones all but guaranteed that he was the man to help break the North of the Border curse.

''I heard something like that last night on the bus, but I told them we're going to change it,'' Jones said.

And he came through, homering twice in the Sox' ...