Toronto Raptors defeat New York Knicks, 102-96

RAPTORS 102, KNICKS 96 TORONTO - Chris Bosh cut the Knicks a break by showing up for work Friday night with an upset stomach and taking off to the hospital for treatment.

Hedo Turkoglu, the Raptors' second-best player who is somehow still working himself into shape in early March, spent the fourth quarter on the bench while Andrea Bargnani never found his shot.

The Knicks seemingly had everything going in their favor, except the final score, of course. With Sonny ...

TORONTO - Tracy McGrady took the first chance he got to leave Toronto and ended up playing for the Orlando Magic in his home state.

Chris Bosh will have a similar decision to make this summer, and McGrady - who like Bosh began his career in Canada - can see the All-Star forward skipping town.

"He's been here for quite some time now," McGrady said. "He personally has been successful. The team really hasn't done that much. Maybe he wants to start off fresh with another...