Crystal Bowersox Performs 'As Long As I See The Light' on American Idol

In her intro segment, Crystal reveals that she has a twin brother, and she keeps a trinket bag with her as something of a good-luck charm.

Tonight, she plans to put a "gospel-y, church spin" on Creedence Clearwater Revival's Long As I Can See the Light. Love this song.

It starts with a gospel-organ run, and, unlike Jermaine Sellers, Crystal shows that she can take a song to church, even when she's sick. If she wasn't the girl to beat before, she is now. It's a near-flawless performance, and with all the drama fueling interest in her this week, it's a killer.

After some harsh comments for her Alanis Morissette cover last week, Bowersox went with Creedence Clearwater Revival's "Long as I Can See the Light," slapping a gospel spin on the classic-rock tune.

Showing no signs of illness, she took it to church, coming off like an indie-rock Janis Joplin over a Hammond organ and her gently strummed acoustic guitar. Whatever was ailing her didn't show onstage, as Bowersox powerfully nailed the vocals, looking confident and strong.