New York Knicks defeat Denver Nuggets, 109-104

The words Carmelo Anthony was directing toward Danilo Gallinari Tuesday night were, according to the Knicks' Italian-born forward, "slang...English." "I was talking slang, too," Gallinari added.

It was a cocksure Gallinari who volunteered to defend Anthony and then took it upon himself in the third quarter to engage the Nuggets' All-Star forward in a game of I-can-top-that mixed in with a little friendly trash talk. And while Anthony was clearly the most dominant pla...

We interrupt March Madness to bring you some March Insanity, courtesy of the Knicks.

How else to describe the decision to have Danilo Gallinari guard Denver's Carmelo Anthony Tuesday at the Garden? Anthony already has hung 50 points on the Knicks this season - more than LeBron James, Kobe Bryant, Dwyane Wade, Kevin Durant or any other NBA player.

Here's the kicker: Not exactly known as a defender, Gallinari asked for the assignment.

"I like to play against the bes...