Toronto Raptors defeat Minnesota Timberwolves, 106-100

The Timberwolves' low-key sales pitch to Darko Milicic might be working.

The Serbian center said Sunday he is willing to play for the Wolves next season, rather than return to Europe, if the team promises him a starter's role and a consistent 30 to 35 minutes of playing time.

"Yeah, I'd come back. That's what I'm looking for," the 7-footer said only a month after being rescued from exile on the Knicks' bench. "Minnesota came up and they kind of trust me. They gave me...

It must be so discouraging to wear a Timberwolves uniform these days, to know that even when things go well, the outcome never does. That even when they suffer a lapse but rally back, battle a playoff team to a standstill and earn a shot at victory in the final minutes, Minnesota almost unavoidably finds some way to lose.

It must be so discouraging to be Jonny Flynn.

"You could look at it both ways," Flynn said after the Wolves' 13th consecutive loss, 106-100 to the ...