Boston Celtics defeat Detroit Pistons, 119-93

In a way, it almost looked therapeutic.

Aside from Jonas Jerebko still darting up the court and scrapping for the occasional loose ball, the Detroit Pistons were practically lifeless — no Rodney Stuckey, no Ben Wallace, and, after he took a knee to the back about seven minutes into the first quarter, no Tayshaun Prince — and the Celtics kept pounding the Pistons until their pulse stopped.

And after losing to the Cleveland Cavaliers the day before, it felt good.


Doc Rivers knows the current Celtics aren't as good as the team that won the NBA title in 2008. His goal is to have them playing that way again in time for the playoffs.

"It's coming around," Rivers said Monday night after Paul Pierce scored 12 points in the first quarter to set up a 119-93 victory over the Detroit Pistons. "It's still not there, but that was great to see. He looked explosive. I think he's getting closer, and our team's getting closer."

Pierce finish...