Memphis Grizzlies defeat New York Knicks, 119-112

DALLAS - You don't have to be Tracy McGrady to know that his surgically-repaired left knee is hurting more than a little.

Now, 22 days into his Knick career, the one-time high-flying perennial All-Star who made a name for himself by attacking the basket has been reduced to playing on the floor and rarely driving to the rim.

Sometimes, he can't even operate at the lowest of altitudes, as was the case when he didn't play at all in the fourth quarter of the Knicks' loss...

MEMPHIS - As bad as the Knicks are these days, they're still an attractive destination to Memphis' Rudy Gay.

"That's an appealing style they play," Gay, the former UConn star, said before his Grizzlies took on the Knicks Friday night. "Every kid grows up playing like that and enjoys it. What I like about (Mike) D'Antoni's system is that everybody is effective in it. At any time, anybody can score. So it's something I'd look at this summer."

A restricted free agent in...