Lee DeWyze Performs 'Fireflies' on 'American Idol'

Lee DeWyze is up first with Fireflies, one of the most contemporary songs we've heard this year.

It's an adventurous choice -- if you think the idea of hearing Nickelback covering Owl City is adventurous. Gee, this is just brutal, alternating between weak and overbearing. Lee's dreams may be bursting at the seams -- more likely, though, they're just crashing and burning.

Randy loves it, aside from the pitch problems, and says he made it his own.

Ellen likes that he "made it a little rock," and echoes Randy's talk of pitch problems. (Notice she does that a lot.)

Owl City's "Fireflies" was by far the smartest song choice Dewyze has made during these lives shows. The emo rock vibe seems to be a comfortable niche for him, and we were almost able to dismiss his rampant pitch problems. Almost. Dewyze is like a poor man's David Cook. And when you consider that we've never had a very high opinion of the seventh-season "Idol" winner, you can imagine what we think of Dewyze's long-term prospects. No matter, he did well for himself on Wednesday and is a lock to make the top 12.