Cleveland Cavaliers defeat New York Knicks, 124-93

Cavaliers 124, Knicks 93 CLEVELAND - This isn't the lasting impression the Knicks wanted to leave with LeBron James, unless their plan is to appeal to his benevolent side.

The performance was more along the lines of "Please Save Us" as opposed to "Let's Join Forces."

In their final face-to-face meeting before Cleveland's global star likely hits the free-agent market this summer, the Knicks showed little fight, spirit or defense last night and were thoroughly domin...

CLEVELAND - This was such an easy night for LeBron James, from the opening tip through the final buzzer.

Mike D'Antoni was nice enough to send out a dead team, and the Cavaliers hardly broke a sweat in building a 49-point lead.

And then some nosy guy from New York had to go and ruin James' night with a question about free agency.

What, I was going to ask LeBron how it felt to put a 124-93 whipping on a team that is as undermanned, undersized and as bad on defense ...