Boston Bruins defeat Montreal Canadiens, 3-0

As expected, Year One of Tuukka Rask’s NHL career has been a tale of caution.

With far too much evidence, starting from the early demise of Hannu Toivonen, of the woes that come from fast-tracking young goaltenders, the Bruins have practiced patience with Rask, feeding the 22-year-old just enough playing time to keep him from going soft.

But with results at a premium and a hot goalie desperately required, the Bruins have recognized that now, amid a season-altering slump...

Tuukka Rask was pretty much all that stood between Boston and a blown lead.

Not to mention a record the Bruins would have wanted no part of.

The goalie stopped 36 shots, including 15 in a frantic second period after Boston took an early lead, and the Bruins snapped a 10-game losing streak with a 3-0 win over Montreal on Sunday night.

"Our goaltender was unbelievable," coach Claude Julien said. "Whenever they had the great chances, he made the big saves."

Marco ...