Chicago Bulls defeat Minnesota Timberwolves, 100-94

Darko Milicic will be at Target Center on Friday night, and the Timberwolves insist they're happy about that.

For the moment, they might be the only ones.

David Kahn met with Milicic and his agent, Marc Cornstein, on Thursday in New York and tried to convince one of the most notorious flops in NBA draft history that being traded to the Timberwolves is an opportunity, not an aggravation.

It wasn't easy.

"I don't think you can understate how traumatized he is -- it'...

Al Jefferson took an entry pass Friday, dribbled once, spun to the basket and tried a little one-handed semi-hook from 3 feet away, the sort of automatic bank shot that has made him a multimillionaire.

Moments later, he stared at his open palms, wondering why those huge hands had betrayed him.

"I've never seen nothing like that," Jefferson said after the Timberwolves were undone by an inexplicable fourth-quarter scoring drought, and a night-long series of missed layu...