Mount Carmel Forest Fire

A 14-year-old boy from the Carmel region admitted Monday to throwing a piece of burning coal into the forest and causing what later became the largest and most devastating forest fire in Israel's history.

Police arrested the teen early on Monday, and he admitted during his interrogation to smoking a Hookah pipe in the forest, and later disposing the burning piece of coal into an open area in the woods, which caused a fire to erupt.

Wind-swept flames of an out-of-control fire in Carmel Forest in northern Israel trap the bus, which burns as firefighters struggle to rescue those inside. 'This is an unprecedented disaster,' says Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu.

Reporting from Jerusalem — A raging forest fire in northern Israel killed at least 37 prison guards Thursday when their bus was engulfed by flames while they rushed to evacuate a detention facility. Nearby firefighters tried desperately to rescue them as some guards hugged the floor of the vehicle in search of shelter, witnesses said.

The raging Carmel forest fire spread early Friday morning to the residential of Tirat Carmel in the North.

In addition, two additional fires broke out overnight near the entrance to the village of Ussafiya and the Atlit prison. A number of fire crews were diverted from the larger fire in an attempt to gain control of the new blazes.

Strong eastern winds forced the evacuation of around 2,000 residents of the Denya neighborhood in Haifa earlier as the fire continued to spread to residential areas.

Firefighting services on Sunday night announced the end of the biggest fire in Israel's history after putting out all blazes on Mount Carmel. The forces were to remain at the scene overnight to prevent the fire from re-erupting.

The 82-hour fire claimed the lives of 41 people, burnt dozens of homes, destroyed thousands of acres of land, and raised many difficult questions.