Bernard Madoff's Son Mark Commits Suicide

The Saturday morning suicide of Mark Madoff, found hanging by a dog leash from a pipe in the ceiling of his New York apartment, was a shocking culmination of two weeks of frantic filings and worldwide civil charges by the Bernard L. Madoff bankruptcy trustee Irving Picard, aggressively seeking to recover assets for bilked investors.

When Mark Madoff hanged himself with his dog's leash at the weekend, as his child slept nearby, he may have felt he was escaping the unbearable pressure of being the son and former employee of the world's most notorious fraudster.

But lawyers said his death in his Manhattan apartment would not halt the multiple investigations now focused on the role he and others played in the biggest scam in history.

Two years of living with his disgraced father's $65 billion legacy of deception was all Mark Madoff could stomach.

The eldest son of the biggest swindler in U.S. history, unable to stand another day of his soured life, hung himself with a dog leash Saturday in his multimillion-dollar SoHo condo.