Dallas Mavericks defeat Boston Celtics, 89-87

DALLAS — In a moment of failure, Rajon Rondo took a major step forward as a leader and a franchise point guard.

The scouting report on Rondo is brutally honest. Leave him alone on the perimeter. If he hits three in a row, leave him alone. If he hits five, leave him alone.

It won’t change for a while, regardless of how much Rondo works on his most glaring weakness — his jump shot. In the waning seconds of the Celtics’ 89-87 loss last night at American Airlines Center,...

DALLAS — One play was a breakdown by a team built on defense. The other was simply a tough shot by a player paid $20 million a year to take tough shots.

The first play, though, was the backbreaker.

Jason Kidd weaved into the lane, his Mavericks down 3 points to the Celtics after wasting a 14-point lead, when he noticed Jason Terry and his perpetually hot hand wide open on the wing.

Terry could have taken the shot three times, he was so open. Ray Allen had left him...